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You're a hotel or booking site searching to determine the caliber of your traffic increase. We're one of the world’s biggest hotel metasearch. Together, we are able to make magic happen. At RateCompares, listing hotel rates in the best sources on the internet continues to be our focus during the last ten years, and it is still our focus today. Hotels and Booking sites ought to be easily found capable to compete online- that’s our goal- through unique options to market rates and promote content on RateCompares. We’ve incorporated more details for you personally below get ready to experience quality traffic to your website from RateCompares wide audience of vacationers. ………….

RateCompares Hotel Manager

RateCompares Hotel Manager enables you to definitely easily manage and make your specific hotel profile on RateCompares, to be able to rank greater within the search engine results. We've observed that hoteliers who're positively upgrading their hotel profile on RateCompares are experiencing five occasions more clicks typically. RateCompares Hotel Manager provides a number of free and compensated marketing solutions, through which you'll further enhance your performance anytime-to be able to turn our customers to your clients. You’ll get access to an extensive introduction to the primary areas that directly influence your online success on RateCompares: hotel information, status and rates, plus obvious and straightforward steps for enhancing and looking after these 4 elements. It’s really simple really, discover much more about it by registering for RateCompares Hotel Manager.

RateCompares Hotel Manager PRO

RateCompares Hotel Manager PRO may be the simple upgrade to Hotel Manager, which drives more visitors straight to your hotel. Our flat-rate premium version provides exclusive features that will help you improve your visibility and attract traveler’s attention through exclusive hotel news, prominent contact particulars and detailed benchmarking analytics. You want to provide your hotel a complete competitive advantage.

RateCompares Quality Test

Even though you’re already searching to enhancing your hotels status, and rank greater searching results, RateCompares Quality Test can also be of great interest. Online status has turned into a major pressure within the hotel buying process-you might have the same. We feel that the online status ought to be according to qualitative and extensive data concerning the features your hotel needs to offer. Check out here to learn more. Quality Test is really a unique and reliable review system that allows to produce a full, authentic picture of the hotel. We’re not available in most marketplaces, however, you generally is one of the lucky ones.

Direct Connect

Direct Connect does what the name indicates - connects your visitors directly along with you. Your rates are going to be distinctively displayed and our CPC model provides you with versatility inside your campaign goals. You’ll get access to our customized campaign monitoring tools to change your CPCs based on your financial allowance and gratification, and you will be fully based on we to get the most out of RateCompares-there exists a couple of tips and methods to provide. RateCompares offers a variety of Direct Connect solutions for that greatest hotel chains right through to independent owner-operated hotels. Whatever your technical capacity or resource capacity, there's an choice for your hotel(s).

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RateCompares boosts your metasearch presence on the global scale (yes, global) and allows you to definitely compete using more than 250 of the booking competitors. Because we feel everybody needs a fair opportunity to compete. You’ll receive qualified traffic and see its value yourself- with full, adjustable, control of your campaign utilizing a CPC model. We deliver comprehensive data within our customized analytics tool, which enables you to definitely monitor your campaign performance every day. Our technical team ensures an even integration and continuing support, while our Account Managers will personally give you support to handle your campaign, and share valuable information to make sure you achieve optimum results. If you are thinking about advertising on RateCompares, reply to this by email.